Cheap Hotels in New York at affordable prices

New York is the largest city in the United States and it is very difficult to find cheap hotels in the city. Here we will discuss some cheap hotels in New York that suits your budget and fits your pocket. New York is a popular tourist destination and taken as most expensive place in the USA. With proper research and planning, it is possible to subscribe for cheap accommodations in the city.

East Village Bed and Coffee

This is taken as one of the cheapest accommodations in the New York City. This is an excellent choice for open minded people looking for budget stay in New York. There are total three floors with shared bathroom and well equipped kitchen. You can also enjoy internet connection in the hotel. You have to prepare your own meal but tea and coffee is provided to guests. If you are looking for cheap hotels in New York then you will definitely love to make reservation with East Village Bed and Coffee.

Chelsea Lodge

Chelsea Lodge is other popular choice for frequent budget travelers to the wonderful city New York. First of all, location of the hotel makes it more desirable among visitors. You can enjoy wonderful nigh life nearby Chelsea Lodge. There are many shopping malls and art galleries to enjoy historical beauty of the city. Historical and rustic look is other facet of the Chelsea Lodge that makes it highly popular. There are few essential features of Chelsea Lodge like floral painted walls, pine doors and patchwork quilts. Most of the bedrooms has shared bathroom. Obviously, there are some suite rooms available at high prices.

Hotel 17

The hotel is popular for its classic look and historical beauty. It is so classy that it is commonly used for fashion shoots. There are well furnished bedrooms and bathrooms that promise a comfortable stay for the visitors. There are some suite double rooms available at high prices.

Hotel 414

Hotel 414 is an excellent choice for pleasant stay at very affordable prices. The hotel is available near airport and promises a comfortable stay for the patrons. Hotel rooms are highly spacious and comfortable for the visitors. There is breakfast facility for the patrons and all day tea and coffee is also available.

Comfort Inn Midtown

Comfort Inn Midtown is a traditional hotel with comfortable rooms and bathrooms. The hotel is equipped with all necessary facilities and assures 24*7 customer services. Highly trained and multilingual staff is appointed for international visitors. Breakfast facility is complimentary for the patrons. All attractive places are available nearby and you can also reach airport on time.

In this article, we have discussed some wonderful choices but list is not limited to five options only. With good research, you can compile a long list of cheap hotels in New York. The only condition is that you should complete your homework carefully. Also make an advance booking online to avoid any future threats. We wish you All the Best and Happy Journey to incredible New York City.