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10 Must-see Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city full of interesting places to visit, historic architecture, mystical neighborhoods, parks and monuments.  The city of Barcelona is located in the northeast of Spain and is the capital of Catalonia. Surrounded by mountains and the sea is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan and economically active place over the Iberian Peninsula.

It has some beautiful beaches overlooking the Mediterranean and its people are very friendly and cordial. In its streets, boulevards and squares you can find buildings and monuments of old taste and design. It is the second most populous city in Spain and has very pleasant and interesting places as well as a lively nightlife and captivating.

Barcelona is a city that can be accessed by air, land or water and has an extensive network of highways and railways as well as its international airport

 These are just some of the things that characterize this great city. You could spend days in the Catalan capital and still not see everything, that's why we have listed that top ten must-see places to visit in Barcelona so you can plan your trip without missing any of these places.

1. Paseo de Gracia (Casa Batllo and La Pedrera)


It is a stately boulevard with unique buildings and domestic and international business luxury. It has an unmistakable style of modernist architecture. The Casa Batllo, breathtakingly beautiful, has an extraordinary facade covered with mosaics, ceramics and wrought iron balconies. Its ceramic roof is exceptional and deserves special attention. Like the Casa Vicens, Casa Batllo Gaudi’s master work and even the walls are wavy, as if made of leather. Used tile in infinite and delicate shades of blue is another curiosity that a visitor of this place should not miss.

2. Gothic Quarter


This neighborhood is part of the world-famous old town, where you will find the oldest and most historic parts of the city of Barcelona. In this neighborhood is located the Cathedral walls and ancient walls and other buildings of antiquity and a variety of beautiful Gothic buildings. Find restaurants, bars, cheap hotel in Barcelona, shops artists, among other things. This is a lively district during the day and night.

3. Holy Family Church


The Holy Family is a Catholic basilica, considered one of the most impressive designed by Gaudi. Its construction began in 1882 and expected to be completed in 2026. It was one of the most visited attractions in Spain for its great architectural scale.

4. La Rambla


La Rambla is undoubtedly is the most visited place in Barcelona and it is the most emblematic streets and one of the busiest. This area is where you can find the artists, mimes, pet shops and florists in Barcelona. It is highly recommended to sit in any of the terraces of the Rambla for a drink and enjoy the extravagance of the people and the sun. The Opera Cafe is worth visiting.

5. The Montjuïc


From various parts of the city and especially from the tall buildings you can observe Montjuïc Mountain and its castle. It is located between the city and the sea, in what would be the old. The Montjuïc is together with the Tibidabo, one of the two mountains that assign a special character to Barcelona. Hosts many sports facilities and their feet are the Olympic site that provided a backdrop for the games of 1992.

6. Tibidabo


It is one of the mountains surrounding Barcelona and is 350 meters high. At the top is reached by funicular or tram blue (the last to be preserved in the city). As we can say that the funicular was opened on October 29, 1901 and was the first of its kind to work in Spain.

Other sites of interest to be found in the Tibidabo are The Museum of Science (one that allows the participation of visitors and is the most visited of the city), the Torre de Collserola (a telecommunications tower opened on the occasion of the Games Olympic 288 meters high) and the Planetarium.

7. Olympic Village


The Olympic Village is built on a neglected and old area once dedicated to the industry. Fortunately the area has been totally transformed and recycled on the occasion of the Olympic Games that took place in 1992 and today one of the areas set that boasts the most modern architectural wonders across the continent. In the area of the Olympic Village, you can find beautiful beach, bars, cheap hotel in Barcelona with restaurants having diverse cuisine.

8. Park Guell


Designed by Antoni Gaudí and named for Eusebi Guell, initially intended to transform this site into a commercial district and a residential area, however their attempts failed and in 1922 the project was transformed into a public park. It is located on the top of a hill in Barcelona, with views of the city and spectacular structures. At the main entrance, there are some stairs with a sculpture of a lizard which is considered one of the main icons of the park. Admission is free during the day and receives thousands of visitors so we recommend that you visit as early as possible or just before they close that's when this less crowded. Hours are from 10 to 18 h in winter and 10-21 h in the summer.

9. Avenida Diagonal


On this avenue you will find interesting buildings like the Museum of Music (Casa del Baró de Quadras), which was built between 1904 and 1906. It exhibits a large collection of musical instruments dating back to the 16th century. It's one with the best parts of all Spain. Also on the Diagonal find Comalat House and the Church of Carmen (Església of Carme) built in 1909 and a reflection of Byzantine art.

10. La Barceloneta


Barceloneta is the seaside neighborhood of the city. Since 1992, Barcelona looked back at the sea and restaurants and terraces were created to take full advantage of the views. In that year also many beaches were conditioned and cleaned.

Walking around there you can admire the impressive yachts berthed in the docks and take the opportunity to enjoy the typical seafood at any of the restaurants specializing in paella and seafood.