New York is one of the greatest states in the US and an incredible region for tourists. Its capital is Albany. The famous Statue of Liberty is in New York. There are numerous other attractions such as the Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Art, Times Square, Rocketfeller centre and much more. The Adirondack region is a place where there are a lot of mountains. If you are interested in going hiking or skiing, this is a great place for you to be. The Finger Lake region is a great tourist spot and has some really great views and sceneries. There are a lot of water sports available in the Finger lakes regions like surfing, snorkelling, water skiing, etc. Long Island is another absolutely stunning area that is filled with historical components. Long Island has a lot of great beaches where you can go to relax and refresh. The beaches also have some really great lighthouses. Also, when I say ‘the beaches’ it includes the Fire Island National Sea Shore. Then there is the Cental-Leatherstocking Region which is the home of baseball. If you are a big fan of baseball, make sure you visit this place. Apart from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museums, there are other museums too like the Fenimore Art Museum.

Barcelona has come out to be a great tourist spot in recent years. There are a lot of really good places to visit in this city of Spain. There are beaches in Barcelona too where you can have a great time. One of the unique things in town are the Barcelona bus rides which last for about 90 minutes. While inside the bus you will be able to enjoy the city and the rich archaeological heritage of the place. It is a great experience and you should not miss it if you go to Barcelona. Then there is the Casa Mila which is another big tourist attraction. People come here to see the apartment block which is a beautiful structure built in 1906-1912. If you enjoy long walks the Moll de La Fusta is for you. It is a long wooden broad walk built along the sea. There is the L’Aquarium de Barcelona which a great spot if you like marine life. It is a good collection of marine animals. Barcelona is a great place and you must include it in your list if you are planning on visiting Europe for a holiday.

Las Vegas.The name stands for itself. This is the one place in the entire world that you just cannot miss. If you are even the slightest bit interested in fun, this is the place for you to visit. Now, most people misjudge Las Vegas to be a place where all you can do is go to parties, clubs or casinos. Well, that is not it. You can visit Las Vegas with your family if you want to and there are still a lot of things you can do there like music shows, magic shows, shopping, etc. If you want to check out the Grand Canyon or the Hover Dam, there are great packages available for that in Las Vegas. If you are not in Vegas with your family then there is no place better in the entire world where you should rather be. Apart from the casinos and the Night Clubs, Las Vegas is also very famous for its spas. You can have the most relaxing massages in Las Vegas. For a great experience of the Las Vegas nightlife, you should check out Cleopetra’s Bar and the Prive or the Ghost Bar. If gambling is what you want to do, Palms Casino resort is a great place for you to go.

"Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" says the famous words of Winston Churchill. And that's true, because Russia is still the European country to discover. Moscow, the Russian capital, is the best place to start exploring Russia for foreign travelers. In Moscow it is very interesting to see the splendor and the contrast between new and old buildings. This city of 10 million people has a history today latent in many of its monuments and places.Moscow, Russia, offers a wealth of cultural activities and so it is a popular destination for tourists. It is a vibrant, modern city, with over 850 years of history. Here are five things you must see when visiting Moscow.

Amsterdamis a really great place to visit because of many reasons. The first and foremost being that Amsterdam is a city of less than one million people but has over 50 theatres, two ballet troupes and a lot of museums. Amsterdam is a city surrounded by water and because of that it is sometimes known as the Venice of the North. It is a great tourist attraction and people from all over the world come to visit Amsterdam. This is an old city that has been modernized. It is a small city yet very beautiful. There are a lot of different museums in the city. If you are the adventurous sort of tourist, there are camping grounds right outside the city where you can go for a nice campfire. But do take care because it gets quite chilly at night. Since the size of the city is quite small, you can go to a lot of places just walking. It is a great tourist spot where there are a lot of cheap hotels that provide great service and quality accommodation.

The UNESCO of Trinidad, Cuba was built during the 19thcentury slave and sugar trade. The greatest attraction in the Trinidad city is the town itself. Trinidad consists of one of the best colonial centers in the Americas and it is being transformed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town’s street contains grand colonial houses, treasure love of small, quite squares and several wonderful churches. Walking or roaming around the curving street of the old town is definitely a charm and tranquility. Trinidad is considered as the real town of the Cubans as the Cubans work and lives here with a dignity. It will be a real pleasure for you if you spend a weekend with your family in the incredible Trinidad. You can even find cheap hotel in Trinidad where you can stay during your visit.

If you are willing to make a plan in order to visit in Paris, you may find yourself in a little bit trouble for choosing the correct places. Paris is the brimming city in France. It is totally rich in culture, romance, and style. It attracts millions of tourists each and every year to visit it. It can really be a tough job to find the best places in Paris which you can enjoy visiting. It will definitely make you fight against your hectic routine at the same time. You must visit the world famous lures that includes the Eiffel Tower, the Crypte Archeologique and other interesting places which you can visit during your weekend. You can definitely find several cheap hotels in Paris where you can stay during your weekend.

Cape Town is mostly known as the second largest city in South Africa in terms of popularity. The city is located in the shore of Table Bay, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit if you are a nature lover. The various amazing places around this city as well as the myriad other tourist destinations make this awesome city a must one place to visit especially if you are coming here for the first time around.  Here in this article we will be discussing about the most interesting things to do in Cape Town.